Luck of the Draw

One of my favorite workouts is the card deck workout. We’ll throw a couple decks of cards down and people randomly draw a card.  The suit and value of each card will determine the movement and number of reps they are about to do. The unpredictability of this workout keeps everyone on their toes because they don’t have any idea if the card they draw is going to have them go run stair repeats, drop where they are and bang out ten burpees, or perform a variety of other workouts.

“When I dip you dip we dip…”

Following a card deck workout, I always see a crowd full of sweat, smiles, and laughter. Here at November Project Seattle, we embrace the unknown with open arms! Now just hope that you’re not that person repeatedly drawing the ten burpees card.



Brooks Trailhead 10K/15K Race Volunteer Sign-Up – May 22, 2016

As a reminder, Brooks will donate $25 towards a November Project Seattle social for every volunteer we bring.  We’re at 10 so far and hoping to hit 30.  Sign up here!

Friday Pop-Up Workout – April 22, 2016

Friday’s workout (starting at 6:29am) will be held at Seattle Center – meet at the Space Needle Loop and we will jog from there to the workout site. Don’t be late.  #JustShowUp


This will be November Project Seattle’s first official Friday workout.  Any one of your best friends, worst friends, family, acquaintances, strangers, enemies, or whoever else loves saying, “if only there were Friday workouts.”  Get them there.

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