Rocky Mountain High (DEN)

530 Not-So-New Kids On The Block
530 Not-So-New Kids On The Block


  • It’s 420 in Colorado.  We get it.  Everyone calm.  The.  Fuck.  Down.  Unless you’re selling it, smoking it, or putting weed mayo on your sandwiches, it’s no longer a big deal.  Yeah, weed fucking mayo.  Let that sink in.
  • Surprise!  We made the damn news today!!  It wasn’t on purpose, but that’s the best kind, right?  It’s like pooping when you lift something heavy.
  • We took a page out of Wisco and did the Madison workout today.  2 laps, 2 cards.  Puff, puff, pass.
  • NP-The Book is definitely a thing!  We’re not cool enough to make the coastal book tour, so screw it.  Molly, Matthew and I will be more than happy to autograph your very own copy!
  • Julia won the positivity award for being so daggum Midwestern nice!  Tyler “Fainting Goat” Cox drew, perhaps, the most accurate depiction to date of any November Project thing, ever.

Hey, brah, you got a smoke?  No?  Cool.  I’m high on life anyway.  How could you NOT be after this morning?  The vibe was fresher than a Tic-Tac’s breath.  Great, you’re thinking, now he’s gone and anthropomorphized my favorite under-sized mint candy which I have to eat an entire box of to be satisfied.  What else can he possibly ruin?  Sorry I’m not sorry, guys.

The tribe looked damn good this morning and everyone but TurboDan was completely sober.  That dude is definitely high on life.

615 Cooleyhighharmonies
615 Cooleyhighharmonies


Friday: Gov’s Park (7th & Logan)

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