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Meet Katie. Katie is a lot of things: Iron Man, all-terrain cyclist, perennial podium-qualifier (seriously, check out her Athlinks page), tortoise enthusiast, Aries, soon-to-be sister-in-law to our girl Ais. Today, she celebrated her last day at NP for a while, due to an upcoming surgery.

Wisconsin Notes

  • Road Runner Sports Tempe is hosting their FREE monthly Adventure Run tomorrow night. Come out and chill with us. The run is from 6:30-7:30, with raffle prizes and an after-party following. We’ll have a pre-run booth, a checkpoint along the course, and some #grassrootsgear for the raffle.
  • We still need a couple volunteers for Wanderlust, on May 1. Please contact Meaghen Sharik, or Jackie or me, for details.
  • Prices for the Craft Classic ½ marathon/5K are going up soon! Get on board: we have an NP_PHX group AND a discount code to use: NPPHX. We’re taking this race over.
  • Pie Night this Friday! Karen and Amanda will be showcasing some amazing creations at Practical Art, on Central/Camelback, from 7-9pm. $10 for all the slices ($5 for one, but let’s be real here…), proceeds benefit Liesl the Phoenix Zoo. They might even bring a critter or two.
  • I stole that title from I’m a fan of theirs.

np 4.20

Katie has been with us for nearly our entire tenure as a tribe, even before we became official last July. She came out with the Sole Sports crew at the beginning, and has been a mainstay ever since. Her unassuming personality belies the fact that she is an absolute beast. The two of us happened to be at a Friday ride up Camelback a few weeks after she burst onto the scene at NP. Just before hitting the hill for the first of five climbs, a buddy of mine told me to keep an eye on her, stating (I’ll never forget this), “If you beat her up the hill, it’s because she wasn’t really trying, not because you’re stronger.” I laughed because, let’s be real here, I’m #fastAF (winky-face emoji). I kept at the front of the pack for the climbs, and noticed that she wasn’t up with us after the first two.

On the third hill, though, she made her presence known. I was in low gear, ass off my seat, chugging along at the front. I didn’t feel good by any means, but I was keeping up with the best of them. About halfway up, I hear someone gaining on me. I turn to look as she flies by me like I’m standing still, STILL IN THE SADDLE. I would have been demoralized if it wasn’t one of the most awe-inducing spectacles I have ever witnessed. I kicked it into another gear after that, and somehow managed to keep just ahead of her on the last sprint over the Mill Avenue bridge.

I uploaded my Garmin data, editing my Strava feed to, “Friday morning ‘that was humbling’ ride.” Luckily, Strava shows others who were part of your activity, so it was easy to find her. It took a moment to pick my jaw off the floor after reading her feed: “Friday Fixie Ride.” She blew past me, and everyone else, on a fixed-gear bicycle.

The Lululemon crew was awesome enough to donate a hat to Katie, which we tagged. The tribe gave her their full support, and can’t wait to have her back. Good luck and Godspeed; we’ll be thinking about you.

Oh, and today was Bike to NP day, in celebration of the Valley’s Bike to Work Day. Katie and a few others biked in, many of us wore our helmets, and we crushed a 4+1 workout (6 sets of 4 minutes stairs, 1 minute plyo). We even spiced things up a bit, introducing the tribe to the Birdman game. It was a hit. You know where to find us next week, when Jackie returns and we treat oh-selves to PR Day.



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