The Dark Age (YYZ)

First off, I want to say a massive congratulations to Sherab and Ray who crushed Boston Marathon on Monday morning (as a training run), then showed up for ‘recovery burpees’ this morning. That’s pretty hardcore. And obviously everyone else who was there on Monday. Now I want to run a marathon again. I’ve seen literally (and figuratively) dozens of photos from race day, where November Project had a HUGE presence, but this one below has got to be my favourite, so I need to share it:

Left to right: Brogan Graham, co-founder of NP and literally larger-than-life human being; Holly Reiland, co-leader of NP Minneapolis; Paul Leak, suspicious looking bloke in hat and glasses and co-leader of NP NYC.

Michelle decided she’d rather be off sunning herself in Bali rather than workout with us this week. So while the cat’s away the mice will play. Or, whilst mum is away, dad gets super strict to compensate? Something like that. Either way, today’s workout was pretty fucking tough. I woke up early and got to the park early to do the workout myself, just to make sure that it was actually possible. Fortunately it was, and I’ve no doubt that some people did more burpees today than they had previously ever done before. We like shit like that.


We had our highest attendance to date, which we also like. Numbers were swelled by visitors by from NYC and Edmonton, returning faces and new faces completely. I got a lovely text this morning from Tanja saying “Thanks for making it something to bring my friends to”. Hearing things like that make our hearts swell, so basically where I’m going with this rambling is thanks for helping make this something that people want to bring their friends to. And more importantly, bring your friends to this!


Pretty sure I had planned to write more but my sleep deprived brain has failed me. I’m going to drop some announcements, sprinkle this post with some photos and maybe some magic dust, throw down some tri dips and then go cook some dinner. Happy Humpday!



  • Did anyone notice the massive furball at the workout this morning? Moose is a monster!
  • Summit 2016: the largest annual gathering of the NP tribes this year. Right here at Blue Mountain. We’ll bounce, we’ll race, we’ll either tan or burn (no prizes for guessing which will happen for me), and maybe we’ll drink a little. It’s going to be great. Find a team, confirm a team, get the race details. There will be serious FOMO if you miss it.
  • Next Wednesday – same time, same place. Michelle has left me a workout in a sealed envelope, not to be opened before 6:30am on Wednesday 27th April.
  • Today’s workout has been christened ‘The Dark Age’. A November Project keyring to the first person to message with an at least fairly accurate explanation of my reasoning for why. It’s bright red and pretty sexy (the keyring, not the reasoning…).
  • If you ever want to right a blog post about your NP experiences, get in touch!
  • More photos:


DSC_0605 DSC_0599 DSC_0608 DSC_0600


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