Love Joy Wharf

Maybe it’s just me but I think any place named “Love Joy Wharf” deserves to be visited often and by lots of people.  It doesn’t hurt that it sits directly on the water where the Charles River and Boston Harbor connect, AND in the shadow of the world-renowned Boston Garden, AND next to the beautifully towering Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial bridge. This morning in the incredible city of Boston, November Project descended upon Love Joy Wharf for a Destination Deck filled with hugs, sprints, partner wheelbarrows, “fuck yeahs,” wall-sits, other shit, birthday awkwardness, and of course, love and joy.

It was also filled with excitement that both Chrises made it back to Boston juuuuust in time for the workout bounce.  If you read the blog regularly, you know I was totally confident that they would have missed their flight or fallen asleep in the Uber ride from the airport, causing them to miss or be totally late to the workout.  Fortunately for all of us, they found their way home and to the workout, with suitcases and North Face duffels in tow.  We were all supposed to either wear red to represent the LOVE on the Wharf, or yellow to represent the JOY.  Lucky for Payne and Capozzi, their RED eyes counted. (get it?…they took a red-eye flight back from #ECSCA in San Fran).

Today was a great reminder for me how freaking good this shit is.  And how simple it is to have a really good time with better than average human beings, get a great hard workout, and start the week off with the right kind of vibe.

The workout was a 2-part circuit.  We started with teams of three, which were created by taking one Love (red-wearing) person, one Joy (yellow-wearing) person, and one person who clearly doesn’t own any red or yellow clothes at all, and making a Love Joy sandwich.  Part 1: The 3 teammates rotated through three positions including partner wheelbarrows (one ‘barrowing, the other driving), and plank holds.  Once all three people had done each position, they ran to part 2.

Part 2: The team of three rotated through: wall-sits against the Converse shoe headquarters building, wall-jumps or step ups (your choice), and a sprint down a ramp and up a flight of stairs to the sidewalk where we screamed “FUCK YEAH” and returned down the stairs.

After all three partners completed Part 2, they lined up along the boardwalk to race each other in a sprint to the other end, and returned to Part 1.  All this was repeated for 22 minutes.  There was no vomiting.  There was an official shit show for a moment until wheelbarrow drivers got the traffic pattern worked out.

Post-workout birthday singing (that super awkward moment between Tyler and Betsy when they had to look into each others’ eyes and sing Happy Birthday to each other and Betsy’s husband was watching from the crowd, and sustained eye contact for that long is awwwwwkward) made for a weird end to the workout.  And then a brave bunch took on 3 minutes of burpees from the #RandoDie before we parted ways.  Get credit for being at the workout by tracking here.

I’ll say this about this DD, which is now being logged in the NP archives of historical awesomeness: It was LoveJoy.  I hope you have a beautiful Boston Monday.  And while you’re out there, go bring a little love and a little joy to the world today.

The Tribe is Strong!

See you Wednesday. Rise & Shine for stadium stairs at 5:30AM or 6:30AM (or both).

Remember Harvard will be enforcing parking rules.  If you park on campus, carpool, park legally and pay the meter.  OR: park in off-campus free parking (some people are coordinating groups to meet and warm-up run to the stadium), ride your bike, take the bus, or just run there.  Most importantly, be kind and represent NP well when you interact with Harvard Parking Staff.

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