2 Years Later (YEG)

Is there a better way to kick off the Christmas workouts than the 12 Days of Christmas workout? Today’s workout reminded me of 2 particular workouts we had in the past. Last December, during our workout at the same location, we bounced so high that the trees managed to light up for us. It was one of my favourite bounce moments of all time. The other workout it reminds me of, was almost exactly two years ago, December 6, 2013. This was one of those workouts that Jen and I talk about all the time. Here’s the blog from that morning. From seeing the headlights of all the cars in the parking lot, to being able to recognize everyone by only their eyes (except for Jen), it was one of the coldest, coolest and memorable days we’ve ever had.

This summer, Jen, Andrew and I were fortunate enough to give a presentation where we talked about why we love November Project and why we think it is so important. One of the things we talked about was how we all think that -30 is the point where we are all supposed to say it’s too cold to do anything. Why -30 and not -31? Why are people telling me what my limits are? Well, that day, 37 people proved that they won’t let anyone tell them when to quit. That was the day when we realized that what we do matters. It didn’t matter to everyone else sleeping in their beds, but it mattered to us. It mattered that we were going to test our limits. It mattered that we all battled through it together. This morning was nothing like that. It was not -37. It probably wasn’t even -7. Whether you realized it or not, every single person makes November Project what it is. Every single person, even the ones who hide in the back, bring a smile to those around them. Your presence is helping someone else conquer their own battle. And as I bring it all full circle here, this morning, those same people who listened to our presentation in the summer, came out in droves today. Funny how things fall into place sometimes.


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