Time Traveling (SD)

Today we traveled back in time. Yes, we started our #ChristmasWishList month of #MayhemMonday, heading back to Hill Street and Sunset Cliffs as our first stop, but we also traveled back to a time when our group was a tad bit smaller, but just as fierce, funny, and awesome as ever.

Our first wish list stop saw about 40 or so people #justshowup for hills on hills on hills with a side of planks for breakfast. Included in this group were many that raced at the North Face Endurance Challenge in SF this weekend. Not included in this group were a lot of tribe members that chose their beds over some of the best hugs, sweat, and views that San Diego has to offer. I think we all know who made a better choice today.

We go at it again Wednesday, 6:29AM, Balboa Park. Will you be there?

Be happy, be strong, be bright, be fierce SD!

Wish List Fine Print:

– Next Monday’s location is Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial. Leave yourself plenty of time to park on the street in case the gates are closed!

– Sign up for the TRACKER! Our semi annual #Sunrise6k is coming up in a few weeks. If you don’t track your time, did you even really show up bro?


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