Livin’ Large – (PHL)

The tribe was large this morning! Everyone in Philly must have seen all that sexy grassroots gear barreling down Broad Street on Sunday and thought, “whoa! I need to get me some of that smiley fun sunshiny stuffs going on!” Congrats again to all racers – way to show off your NP_PHL spirit in the name of recruiting everyone! This morning was a sure sign that it is working! The people of this fine city love #freefitness and NP_PHL loves all of you!

There were a plethora of newbies at the steps today and we welcomed them with hugs and intros as we ran steps for 55 minutes while tossing out balls with workouts on em. Rule #1: introduce yourself when you ask someone to perform said workout with you. Rule #2:  hug your new friend. Rule #3: execute sets of push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, double planks, loop sprints etc. Rule #4: toss ball to someone else and start it all over again. The tribe is so strong, we didn’t just pair up – we started grouping up into teams and intros, hugs, sets were all more community-er!

Susan passed The Hard-Hat along to one of our tried and true NP_PHL ladies, Trish. Trish was with us from the very beginning, and Susan awarded her The Hat because of her true sense of community (and her dimples). Trish is a Fishtown Beer Runner, she runs with Back on My Feet, and works with WXPN as well as MANNA here in the City of Brotherly Love – Trish has no shortage of love to give, and even brought some PHL traveling hugs down to NP_NO just a few weeks ago. Congratulations Trish! Can’t wait to see your adventures with the hat this week – and YES this does mean you have to be at the workout next Wednesday.

A highlight of the morning was overhearing Ryan, a newbie shout “That was my favorite thing in like the last two weeks.” Thanks Ryan! Thanks Tribe! Thanks November Project! See your PHine selves next Wednesday when the #lovefest continues

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Gracias for the #highflyinghomework assignments y’all turned in (on time). We’ve sent the 3 most “like’d” up to the Mothership keep your eyes open for when those are posted and get to clicking those likey fingers.

Saturday, May 17th 2012 our pals The West Philly Runners are hosting their 3rd annual 26 x 1 Relay Challenge. We have a team – so sign up and let’s have some fun and do this thing! It too is FREE!


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