MSN PR Day – Johan, where art thou?

Today was May PR day for the Bascom Classic, MSN’s original hill workout fathered by DG.  mmmmhh respect.

NP - Kelly

Bascom Classic finish line – touch that toe !

Seconds before the dust began kicking up, a graceful solo runner heard the screams of an inviting Teddy T.  Johan, a ringer indeed, crushed his first Bascom Classic with a podium finish. He was fifty feet tall if he was five.  11 stone.    Minutes later he was gone, he was tall, he was kind, he had those legitimate ass socks, he seems to have a job,  he will be there Friday?    

The MSN masses went at the hill on an especially gorgeous morning to be a tribe member and laid down their personal gauntlets, times that they will no doubt be ready to topple come the first Wednesday of June.    We look forward to a May full of sweat, blue sky and MSN commraderie.  Remember…We were all ringers once upon a time, we are all Johan. 

Bascom Classic Top Men:  1. Sam Keepman – 6:43, 2. Steve Fons – 7:25, 3. Johan! 7:27.

Bascom Classic Top Ladies: 1. Nicole Martin – 7:38, 2. Megan Herrick – 8:02, 3. Emily Schwabe – 8:38.

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