60 For 60 (Our hats go off to you, Sir Roger) NYC

How fitting that today’s tribe reached an all time PR of 60 just one day after the 60th anniversary of Sir Roger Banister breaking the 4:00 barrier for the mile? Very Fucking Fitting!The tribe is strong and only getting stronger.

We started our warm up with giving mass hugs to all the newbies.  We love newbies! After we got our bounce on, we headed over to the Grotto.   Keeping to our Banister/Mile theme, we kicked of our workout with a 3:59.4 run. We then partnered up and repeated the following circuit: continuous 4 laps of the Grotto broken up with 5 burpees and 5 hoisties for 25 minutes. If an athlete finished the 4 laps (again keeping with the mile theme) before their  partner did, they patiently waited in the plank position.  Positivity Award today was EARNED by Emily. Emily is #WEATHERPROOF.  She showed up last week, crushed the workout, in the rain, and she did it all with a smile on her face.  Essence of what the positivity award.


Join the tribe at Characters this Friday starting at 6:00 p.m. Building community and happiness one workout and watering hole social at a time.  Hoisties will be involved, just a different kind. Tell your friends.  Tell your friends to just show up.

Also, big things will happen if we reach out goal of 76 tribers next Wednesday. Help make it happen!

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