Abe’s Magic Hat (MKE)

Most of you know that Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president. You’re probably also familiar with his crusade against slavery and general badassery. But there are a few things you may not know about Honest Abe…

·         He started the first November project in 1863. He forgot to invite John Wilkes Booth.

·         His workouts consisted of bear wrestling and log throws.

·         His beard once housed a family of pigeons for 9 months.

·         His tears could cure cancer. Too bad he never cried.

·         He once ran a marathon because it was “on the way”

·         Bunnies have to fill out an application to be pulled out of his hat.

·         Thunderstorms are afraid of Abraham Lincoln.

·         When asked what his favorite part of November Project was, he replied “Honestly, the people. They’re really fucking awesome.”

 So to help us with our workout today, Abe was gracious enough to lend us his hat. Since Abe also won the first 15 world series of poker championships, we decided to build off his legacy and incorporate a healthy game of poker into the workout. Each team of two sprinted, grabbed a card from the hat, and completed an exercise according to the suit and number of the card. They repeated this for 10 minutes, trying to build the best poker hand. It was like your Uncle Phil’s poker night, minus the cigars and Uncle Phil.

To those who completed the #highflyinghomework, thank you. To those of you that didn’t, we’re not mad, just disappointed. We’ll throw the photos into an album this week and you can vote on your favorite(s). LET’S SHIP YOU OFF TO BOSTON!

With one homework assignment complete, I’d like to assign a little extra credit challenge. A few days ago I came across a really fucking awesome video. Seriously, I can’t stop watching it. Technology is a wonderful thing. It can help us connect and re-connect with people from across the world. But it often disconnects us from everything around us. If nothing else, November Project is about creating real relationships with real people. But too often we find ourselves buried in our smartphones, completely unaware of the beauty that surrounds us. So here’s my challenge to you:

1.       One night this week, get home from work/class/etc…

2.       Put your phone down

3.       Don’t touch it the rest of the night (unless your mom calls. Don’t ignore your mother)

4.       Read a book/talk to a friend/play with your kids/run around outside

5.       Live life

Extra credit for multiple nights/forever.


See you next week, NPMKE-ers. WE LOVE YOU ALL.

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