Lil’ Apple, Nice To Meet You (NYC)

Is your bracket busted? Yep! Were you still up for some bridges for breakfast? Fuck Yeah! With Paul on a field trip to NP-Philly, I tried my best to match his animal noises during our bounce. Eh! We did go back to the NASA-approved 3.6 inch bounce. This Shit Is Good!

Matt from NP_BOS and new friends!

We stuck with the March Madness theme while also mixing things up a bit.  Two 20-minute half’s.  First 20 minutes we went with Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight (if tribers engaged in rock, paper, scissors, winner was able to do 8 instead of 16). Second 20 minutes we advanced to the Elite Eight and Final Four (if tribers engaged in rock, paper, scissors, winner was able to do 4 instead of 8):

  • 16 Full-Court Press-UPs w/ Duke Defense Slap to start.
  • Run over the bridge.
  • 16 Rocket Jump Block Shots (alternating between right and left hand.)
  • Run back over bridge w/ defensive side stepping on first part of the bridge.
  • Repeat.

We also were able to #grassroot for the first time in FOREVER! Thank you to all the painters who got their tag on.

photo 4
Wicked buzz!


We also unveiled the much requested Lil’ Apple.

photo 3
Jean’s Jacket



Terri napped the #PositivityAward for setting 15 PR’s this week alone. And her catch was money!

photo 2
#PA in Flight!

Have a great fucking week!

photo 1


North side of 42nd St. between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave. Bring all of your friends.,-73.971264,3a,75y,83.72h,68.93t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sRLrcuPA7U2pXfCl5iSzJ-w!2e0


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