Race Day Highlights (DEN)

Another PR day has come and gone in NP5280 land this morning. I’ll share some highlights for those of you who missed it because you slept in (AlliBell), or missed it because you let the forecast intimidate you, or missed it because you are mentally weak. Mostly, I’ll share it for those who lived it once and want to live it again and again.

1) We had a strong newbie group that attacked the clovers like they were regular veterans, sweat hard and increased the overall energy of the group. After 35 mins of hard work on the clock, they are vets like the rest of us.

2) Matthew Sellen- I’m going to make the following claim that is thus far unsupported by statistical research, that he is one of our most positive members and no question one of our most fiercely athletic members. As Matthew stood in front of the group to say goodbye to his dear friend Tivy, he spoke to the tribe and straight into our hearts, and if you missed his speeach- I’m sorry.  He passed ‘Tivy onto Chad with a mustache for reasons that need no explaining. While the tribe was left partly in tears, partly over joyed at the glorious man hug that ensued between Chad and Matthew, we were are all left wondering what kind of life Tivy will find with Chad. Will she shower? Will she eat ice cream? Will Chad document it if she does? Things to think about Chad, things to think about….. The point of my story is: Matthew and Chad, we are so glad you’re here!

Another cool thing that people who showed up know that people who snoooooooooooozed do not know, was that the weather this morning was delightful. I was in shorts, Chad and Troy were in shorts (that was a joke- they’re always in shorts), there were tanks and short sleeves, and the ground was dry. Not so much anymore. It’s true what they say, the early bird is in good standing with Ma Nature.

Things to put in your calendar:

FRIDAY 3/27 530/615A: Convention Center stairs (Champa and Speer). Come get your ass kicked in exchange for #earningyourweekend

4/16: The first NP-Yoga at Lululemon event. Ever wondered what your November Project peers look like on Thursday mornings at 6am? Wonder no longer. #Justshowup to Lulu Cherry Creek for FREE class 6am-7. Breakfast will be served.

9/25: NPSUMMIT3. Want to be a part of the guaranteed magic? Then register! Use code NP25UT for 25% off an entry. The main event will be the marathon relay on Saturday 9/26, sign up for teams of 2 or 4.

I love you. The General.

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