List of Events (DC)

Rise, shine, hug, race, hug.

We like that list.

Quick and to the point. Action packed announcements:
•#PRWeek is Wednesday. Race everything. #SweetPR if you break your PR from LAST month. Whoever brings the MOST new people to Wednesdays workout will be celebrated, be ready.

•SWEETGREEN’S Passport workout. This is a cool opportunity for us to recruit MASS people towards #500 #3014.  There will be hundreds who have heard of NP, but never been to a workout. Come, show them how we bounce, and just another day of the week to race with friends. Thursday, 7 pm, Meridian Hill Park (SOUTH ((NOT WHERE WE USUALLY MEET)))

•TAGGING Sunday. Bring your fall, winter, gear + a can of black flat paint and we will be setting up shop at the Sunday drum circle. #GrassRootsGear

Love is always,


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