#hilloopbridge (MKE)

November Project is taking over the world, one person, one community, one city at a time. It’s more than just a 45 minute workout a few times a week. November Project is a commitment. It’s a detour from the ordinary. It’s workouts jam packed with sweaty hugs, ridiculous exercises and more energy than a coffee convention. November Project has changed my life and the lives of countless others. Coming hot off the #NPSUMMIT, DG and I can’t wait to take NP to new levels here in Milwaukee. Our goal as an entire November Project community is to get 3,014 people at a single workout between all 16 tribes across North America by the end of this year. Why 3,014? Because it’s hard. Because 2,014 is so last week. Because why the hell not? What makes this challenge especially difficult is the changing weather. Summer is hot. Fall is cool. Winter is cold. People don’t like being outside in winter, apparently. Many people will want to hit snooze, cuddle up and go back to bed when 6:30 rolls around and it’s not “partly cloudy with a high of 75.”. But from my experience, November Project members are not your every day, run of the mill human beings. They’re tough. They’re strong. They’re weatherproof. So prove me right and everyone else wrong. Show up when summer turns into fall and fall turns into winter. You’ll be so much stronger because of it.

Today in Milwaukee we woke up with the moon and startled the sun into rising. We met a few strangers, split into groups and took on the “hilloopbridge”, with lawnmowers, push ups, sit ups and Indian runs (flock of seagulls) spread throughout. Cooper surprised us with an engagement announcement (the third fastest girl in Delaware if officially off the market) and everyone did their best Carl Lewis impressions into the jumps pit. It was a beautiful morning in Milwaukee well spent with beautiful people.

Start recruiting. Everyone. Bring your neighbor, your sixth grade teacher, your best friend and even your school’s janitor (don’t know his name? you should). We don’t just want everyone there this Wednesday. We need everyone there. 6:27. Milwaukee County War Memorial, Abe Lincoln Statue.

The tribe is strong. The tribe has many friends they’re going to bring on Wednesday.


-Boy Schwabe

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