Setting Goals for World Takeover 3014

Coming off of the 2014 #NPSUMMIT in Madison, Wisconsin, we now have 16 cities all on the same page for our recruiting goal for this year. Before the end of 2014 we’ll have a Wednesday morning where all November Project tribes combined, reach the goal of 3,014 people training for free inside these amazing communities that we’ve started. That’s right, 3,014 people out of there beds training at November Project, one Wednesday, all before the close of the year.

Including today, we have 16 Wednesdays left in 2014 to nail our 3014, so we’ll need all hands on deck. Those people who’ve “been meaning to come and check it out one of these days,” and your pals who “will come when the weather is even more perfect,” their time has come. Tell them that they’re needed, no longer simply wanted. All of us need to turn to our communites and recruit for more butts in the workout, more legs in the race, more hugs in the bounce, and more energy in the 16 headed beast we’ve created. The fact is, if we all bring just one person as a recruit next week, we’ll crush this goal in one workout.

A little background on 3,014: A few years ago we didn’t think we’d be able to break 100 people here in Boston in a single workout but eventually we did do it with enough hype and word of mouth. We made those 100 members a deal: “If we break 300 members in a single workout we’ll get November Project tattoos.” Within months, and with help from our new hockey player friend, we were inked and on our way to World Takeover. Recruiting goals were proven to be valuable and we want each tribe to know that what they’re doing far off in their own corner of North America does matter. BUT WHY 3014!? Well, you can say that it jingles well with 2014 and that it matches up nicely. Another way to look at 3,014 is as a mob that would add up to more people than the entire town of Leadville, CO or the entire student body and staff at Middlebury College. We like to think this number is our current version of GIGANTIC (imagine the entire town coming out for 7 minutes of burpies in Leadville one day at high noon).

The other thing to think about is this: In the year 3014 none of us will be around. We’ll all be just references in an era of pre & post technology. But at this time, this year, 2014, some people with an idea, a spark, and the drive to make a better world, stepped up and tried another reach that would make even MORE of the world notice what they were doing. 3014 is so far off that we can’t even imagine what they’ll be into, how humans will live, and how what we are doing with our lives these days will seem slow motion and backward even. With that said, we are making our mark on history. We are reaching out to more people. We are prepared to have the balls/courage to make this world a better place through fitness and fun and racing and love. Join us. But don’t stop there, turn your hype outward, not just inward to the coffee shop full of your fellow members post workout.

Here are your individual city goals:

New York City (150)
Boston (800)
Philadelphia (225)
Baltimore (120)
D.C. (350)
Indianapolis (75)
Minneapolis (75)
Milwaukee (150)
Madison (150)
Chicago (100)
New Orleans (120)
Denver (100)
Edmonton (200)
San Diego (150)
Los Angeles (150)
San Francisco (200)

This total will take us over 3014 and the round numbers that we’ve assigned to each tribe are not meant as targets but as goals to fly high above if possible.

The recruiting starts now. 3,014 people on a Wednesday. Promote and hype using “#3014.”

The tribe is strong.

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