How do you draw “WANDERER”? (NYC)

When looking at locations to meet in NYC, our city offers up a ton of opportunities. Today, was no exception. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the staple landmarks and Museums of New York and quite frankly the world. Tourists come from all over the see the world class exhibitions that are on display. Those crowds start to form around 8-8:30 am. We didn’t see any of those crowds.

Today we played Pictionary. But not the way you played over thanksgiving with your crazy aunts teaching you inappropriate things to ask your parents about. This had a little bit of NP thrown right in the middle. Our two teams, Team A Squad and Team #1, battled through a maze of trees, push-ups, lunges, and grapevine. One member had the pleasure of being the drawer. The teams that got it right got a point, get it wrong and accept the punishment of 10 burpees.



We had some fun today, but we want to expand that fun for all. Find someone you know has given you the “ehhh…” Look about November Project and get them to come on Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY- BRIDGE DAY. Meet across the 102nd Street Footbridge on Randall’s Island. Also, bring your #GrassrootsGear to be tagged. We will ONLY have black paint, so take not of that with what you are bringing

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