3, 5, and 7 That Never Was (BOS)

Our workout this morning consisted of 3, 5, or 7 frontal hills with the spice of double cross-country incline and some air-squats and wall-jumps added into the mix. The cutoff was 7:25AM. A keen observer would notice that in order to complete 7 loops with spice in the allocated amount of time, one would have to run 7:07 pace up and down the Summit ave. And that’s not counting 10 wall-jumps and 10 air-squats on every loop that would add at least 30-40 seconds.


So why did we give out this “impossible” task? Because we wanted to see people running until the clock runs out. November Project is all about building community and relationships, but it’s also about pushing yourself harder and accomplishing things you never thought possible. Pushing hard all of a sudden becomes even harder when you see bunch of people bailing early to “tie their shoe”, or “fix their hair”, or “drink water” for 5 minutes. We are all pushing each other to get faster and stronger so next time you thinking of baling early, just know that not only you’re not accomplishing what you set out to do, but you’re also discouraging the person behind you or in front of you to work hard. #RaceEverything TOGETHER!

On Monday, we’re meeting at Krentzman Quad at Northeastern University. Both BG and I attended NU, so #DestinationDeck at our alma matter should be exactly the same as our college days – wild and competitive! In the meantime have a great weekend of racing, weddings, getaways, and relaxation!

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