Another “The First Ever” in BOS

The first body-surf-off birthday celebration, the first #Frogman1 with the side of the #FrogLegs, the first this, the first that…. to keep things fun and fresh, we always try to have the first ever. This morning was our first ever DJ’ed Monday workout. 20 minutes of bunny hops, planks, pushups, stair-sprints, cartwheels, and red-brick dashes, can fly by in an instant when the beat is strong and the vibe is right. And man, both of those, plus many other things were spot on this morning.


Another giant thank you to Charlie Bame-Aldred and Renee Battaglia for being great hosts this morning. Both BG and I hold Northeastern University near and dear to our hearts, and even though during our college years we never planked on Krentzman Quad, we can both agree that this workout epitomizes our time at NU:

  • loud
  • action packed
  • surrounded by amazing people that became friends for life
  • before we could figure out what’s going on it was all over

  • This Wednesday is the last Wednesday of the month, which means that we’re racing 37 sections as fast as we can. Bring that friend that’s been saying “I’m thinking about coming” for the last two years, for no other reason than to see BG and I get tattoos that don’t make sense. #RecruitEverything


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