Let’s Go Exploring (YEG)

I have always loved holiday Mondays. Not because I don’t love my work but because they offer up an extra day to do other fun things. However, my reasons for loving these extra long weekends have changed!

6 years ago, one of the reasons I loved holiday Mondays was because I could sleep in! I didn’t set an alarm, I would leisurely sip my coffee in bed and the dream of the day ahead. Since November Project came into my life, a holiday Monday doesn’t exempt me from an early alarm clock. But that alarm brings with it an early morning adventure that I am always excited to embark on!

Holiday Mondays allow us to do things a little differently in the morning. Sometimes they allow us to arrange unique experiences that we couldn’t do on a “normal” Monday, like workout in the Ice Castles or Fort Edmonton, or witness a wedding. Other times they allow us to explore the city and introduce you to some of our favourite gems that are a little too far out of the way for a “Jen’s gotta go to work” day.

Today was one of those gem days. The Terwillegar Park Footbridge and the surrounding trails/green space is an amazing area of our city. In fact, you hardly realize you’re in the middle of the city as you make your way into the open field and see the deer roaming…yes there were deer roaming. If this was your first time there, I hope you plan to go back and explore further. Rob and I took a little run after the photo, heading north. Just 2 km up the trail we met up with the Fort Edmonton Footbridge, another Edmonton gem. If you want, you can keep running and add a Wolf Willow stair set to your workout…another gem with an amazing lookout! My legs said no to that option today!

One of my other favourite areas to explore is Whitemud Creek Ravine, parking at the Alfred Savage Centre you can explore the north trails and cross over to the south trails once to get to Snow Valley. Again, it’s hard to believe that you’re even in the city when you’re running in the ravine.

What are your favourite Edmonton gems? Where do you like to go exploring? Share your picks!


  • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium – GATE 2 5:57AM
    • Be there on time – we have to close the door at 6 AM sharp
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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