Hype Plan for Monday 5/27 (BOS)

There are TWO locations you need to know for the Monday workout next week:

Here’s the deal. You either get to the workout on your own, and you’ll need location two to know where to go. Look below for the map and link for the Robbins Farm Playground. Meet there at 6:30am on Monday 5/27. OR you want to do an “UltraRunDeckRun/Bike” with the group that will be meeting at location one before the workout, to run or bike to location two (the park).


meet at location one.

THE MEETUP SPOT TO RUN/BIKE AS A GROUP: will be at Christian Herter park in Brighton. Map is HERE. You can get to the meet up spot any way you like, and there is plenty of parking at the meet up spot. Distance from this spot to the workout will be 5.1 miles by foot. We will plan to arrive to location two for the workout by 6:30am, so plan accordingly with the options below:

  • 5:15am RUN GROUP 1 departs. (15 min/mile pace or faster)
  • 5:45am RUN GROUP 2 departs. (9 min/mile pace or faster)
  • 5:45am BIKE GANG departs (route is slightly different than runners)

All run & bike groups should arrive to location two (below) by 6:30am.


get to location two.

THE WORKOUT LOCATION: is at Robbins Farm Playground in Arlington. The exact map is HERE. Workout starts at 6:30am. There is also a GIANT slide that we will definitely be using. #hype

As with any Monday workout, we encourage you to run, walk, bike, or locomote yourself to the workout from wherever you are that morning, and we also know that some folk will want/need to drive. So feel free to get there however you do–just get all the fitness you can!

for everyone:

The workout is supposed to be fun and everyone is welcome to join–so make your own decisions about what is best for you to get both to and from the workout. Want to run there but take the T home? Great! Want to get a ride there and run home? Awesome! Want to drive there and drive home? Perfect! Want to get really creative and do something we haven’t even thought of? Go for it, just show up with this incredible community for Monday morning, Memorial Day free fitness! and definitely don’t miss this slide.

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