In the tulips

When a holiday Monday rolls around you can expect a couple things. The first might be the noticeably extra day that you may have to enjoy all your favourite things like a longer coffee chat or a midday sweat. Secondly, you may find yourself tackling more “projects” over the 3 day weekend, these so called “projects” can range from cleaning out your sock drawer to installing a compostable toilet. Finally, you can expect that there will be a workout to kick off your extra day for whatever purpose suits you.

Now, when someone asks what you did this morning or where you flipped over cards you can simply reply “well in the tulips but of course”. Why yes, this morning we beat the crowds. But isn’t waking up early on a holiday already beating the crowds? Well in one way yes. We say this because it’s simply true you are setting yourself up for another 12 hours of whatever you choose. Spending the morning touring the tulip festival was just a snapshot of beauty this morning.

Thank you for starting off your week and holiday with us this morning.

Here’s to bringing soles together.

Lauren and Liz



  1. Wednesday we are TAGGING. Bring a light coloured shirt to rep over the weekend #grassrootsgear. Meet us in the Aberdeen Pavillon 6:29 #nostairssavingthelegs
  2. Saturday morning there is a shakeout run 10am meeting at Parliament Hill
  3. Saturday at 3:30 – 5/10K Cheer Station at Queen Elizabeth and Waverley
  4. Sunday at 7:00am Cheer station 1: SJAM Parkway at Parkdale Cheer station 2: Queen Elizabeth and Waverley
  5. Join us OCRC and The Movement Co. at Beyond the Pale following the races on Sunday.

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