Let us Reflect

Let us reflect.

On the story we have told thus far.

On the countless hugs we have given (and properly; none of this butt out, side hug, pat on the back nonsense!).

On the buckets of sweat we’ve poured.

The miles we’ve ran.

The sunrises we’ve beaten.

The hands we’ve left stinging from enthusiastic high-fives.

The “fuck yeahs” we’ve screamed at the top of our lungs.

The laughter we’ve shared.

The alarm clocks we’ve actually listened to.

The burpees we’ve powered through (Sebastians, come on!)

The friends we’ve gained.

The community we’ve built.

The progress we’ve made.


If you’re new, keep coming.  We want you there.  We want EVERYONE!

If you’re a seasoned veteran, keep coming.  You know we love you, and you know we’d miss you if you were gone.

Lets keep creating stories we’re proud to tell.  Keep making friends we simply could not do without.  Keep building this community.  November Project is a workout group, yes, but really, it can be whatever you want it to be.  So, today, reflect on YOUR November Project, and reflect on OUR November Project.  San Diego, the world, is undeniably a better place with all of you amazing people in it.  Be happy.  Be strong.  BE BRIGHT!



Here’s some shit you should probably know:

-Monday:  Mount Soledad.  6:29AM.  Read up: learn stuff

-#NP_SUMMIT:  Come out and experience the madness first hand.  21 cities, hundreds of tribe members, one hell of a race #ECSUT, Park City, UT, September 25-27;

-If you haven’t found a partner/team, you have 100+ people to ask every Monday and Wednesday                   morning!  Make some connections!

-Info HERE


NPSD 7.22.15

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