Tomato, Tabata (YWG)

*Disclosure: This post has nothing to do with Tomatoes.

**Double disclosure: I am having a lot of trouble walking and going from a standing to a sitting position after todays workout.

***Triple disclosure: I sincerely hope you are all feeling the aforementioned pain.  Pain is progress.  And today the pain is plentiful.


Today was huge.  Today was massive. Today was large and in charge.  Its getting increasingly difficult to count all your sweaty faces during or after the workout, but i’d venture an (uneducated) guess that we were somewhere in the 140-150 range this morning. Unfortunately, you all picked one helluva work-out to show up to.  Tabata day is by far one of the more killer days we throw at you, and you crushed it this morning.  Sure – there was blood.  Puke?  Ya throw some of that in there too.  Scissor squats, followed by box jumps, followed by leg ups, followed by jump squats?  Who the hell even thinks of these things?

…We do. But I promise it comes from a place of love, respect, and cackling, maniacal, evil genius.


Ken is the man.  He shows up week after week with a giant smile, he rocks grassroots gear and represents this tribe not only at workouts but across the city at various races and events.  He helps out and throws out new ideas for workouts and locations (trust me guys he’s even more evil than Tom and I) AND when he found a bag of bright unused shirts int he basement, he quickly thought of a group of crazy people who really like brightly coloured spray painted shirts, and donated those to the cause (these have yet to surface but they will – soon!).  Thanks for bringing your energy, your encouragement, and you enthusiasm for our tribe and thanks for being an all around stand up dude, Ken!

Next week is P.R. day.  We will be tagging during the workout so bring a bright shirt (and your fast pants) to take home your very own #GrassrootsGear.

Yours in the pain,

Rick and Tom


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  1. The BEST workout; thanks guys!!! Yes, sorry to the newbies; however, we all share in the pain and it’s a glorious feeling!! 

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