Karp(e) Diem (NYC)

WOW! We LOVE our Tribe! Thank you for all of the wonderful and creative tribers who took the time to and submit a t-shirt design.  NP_NYC is so fortunate to have some many creative minds who care about our tribe. We asked you to submit a design, but we also asked for you to submit a few words. Here are a few excerpts from our beautiful people:

We are a running tribe. We come from all parts of our small part of the world (even Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester). We run to the workouts. We run together on race day. But most importantly NP provides a place where we can come together as one and be truly ourselves. And an 11-year-old put that in writing for us all.
Just like Lady Liberty, we are unwavering, tireless, and resilient. Welcoming one and all regardless. Dedicated to give all who seek to improve their quality of life through fitness and social interaction an equal opportunity.
NP_NYC locations – Carl Schurz Park, Randall’s Island Bridge, and the 5 boroughs while also watching the sunrise (5:28 and 6:28)
in the mornings overlooking the handrails of where we look to see the skyline and infamous NYC.
Our Fierce tribe through free fitness, spirit, , energy, swag and commitment leaves our footprints where ever we go. When people come across us they never forget us…. at our pin-drops Fridays/Mondays, races, social events, where ever we go our positive vibes leaves ourfootprints all over our city which ismade of of 5 boroughs : Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island….. We are simply unforgettable and will definitely be part of history for our city.
–xo, native new yorker 🙂
Our tribe welcomes humans from all walks of life, from all different backgrounds; the symbolism of Lady liberty in welcoming strangers into a new land, a new home, is to great a parallel to our movement to ignore. I chose to use lady liberty’s crown as the sun peaking through the clouds, and chose to use “wake up the sun” and “NP NYC.” Being able to design something for NP has been really awesome, and even if I don’t get picked, the idea of this contest has gotten my creative juices flowing again to work on my own art work- in advance, thank you!


And, The winner is in!



Carolynn Karp

“November Project brings people together across all 5 boroughs of New York City. Using all available
surfaces and topographies we cross bridges to unite through friendship and fitness.” — Carolyn Karp

Some tidbits about Carolynn and how she stumbled upon NP:

My first time was in the spring of 2015 (late May, I think). I think I heard about it on Twitter or Facebook. Maybe it was tagged #nyrr. I keep coming back because it’s fun. I usually run by myself so I wanted to do something social and meet other runners.

Carolynn, thank you for seizing the day. Seizing this contest. Thank You For Being Here!

Other design finalists: Myles Fennon, Laura Ann Walsh,  Kaitlin Fuelling, Winnie Lok,  Lucy Wallace, Don Eschenauer, Molly Anne Kreter, Brian Hsia, Remi Chian, April Denise Cargill, Rudy Valenta, Samantha Fu, Julia Lyons


Meet at 6:28am @ Oasis Park, here:




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