It’s Our Birthday

Wow one year has flown by. It is hard to imagine we were #Np_pledging just one short year ago, burpeeing and stairsing to win the hearts of the NP dads. Founding Mother and Father, Clare and Sam really brought something incredible to Toronto.

Our founding parents

We are lucky enough to share our birthday with one of the greats of the west coast, NP Seattle !!! I mean they invented the Starbucks, the wireless telephone (do we even know what those are anymore), the donut maker (Timmies and Francis thank -you), the backpack, Pictionary (let’s play tonight!), water skis, the heart defibrillator!!  You might be happy to know in Toronto we invented Buckleys, 5-pin bowling and the Whoopee cushion. You are welcome world !! And we have Drake. (Sorry Clare the inventions in Hamilton were limited, something about the first ever water fountain, guess you got to come back!!!).

So now time to flashback to some of the highlights of the last year:

  • August 26th – WE BECOME NP OFFICIAL (City number 22 or 23 depending on what Seattle wants to claim)
  •  Oct 28th – We did a Sebastian (7 mins of burpees) in a torrential downpour when we lost a bet to the KC tribe when Jays lost to the Royals. There were also pumpkins. We also got alot better at taking photos.
  • IMG_3644-768x576
  • Dec 23rd- Sunrise 6k. Everyone except 3 of us got lost in the woods, in the dark.
  • WINTER – Basically all of winter. You guys showed up in -30 weather, -30 weather, after snow storms. #weatherproof
  • May 5th- Sam sleeped in. I got to do I miss you on him.
  • July 16 – NP summit OBVY. In our own backyard, no words to describe.

And lastly today. AUGUST 24 – 60+ people, our biggest turn out ever, waking up at the break of dawn, yelling F*** yahs (sorry man sleeping on the table!), hoisteeing, push-uping, and hugging because WHY THE HECK NOT?!! You guys are amazing and Sam and I could never say enough, in so many different ways, how much we appreciate every single one of you who #justshowup.

Today’s work out was flashback of the day we became official, and one of my favourite workouts. The telephone number workout! Partner up, switch phone numbers, and an exercise is allocated to each number. Much fun. Much sweat. Much burn.

DSC_0528 DSC_0513 DSC_0511DSC_0484

With a new year comes new goals, which for Sam and I it’s pretty simple, to continue spreading the NP love around and to make the next year for you as fun (and fit) and possible !!!! (My personal goal is camera and speaker lessons because 6 months later I still cant figure that shit out!!)

And to that, we drink !! See you tonight !!!!

Ps. Birthday memes.

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