Here’s to us! (SEA)

We did it! We made it one whole year.  Congratulations to each and every person who made this possible.  It was fun while it lasted and we can only hope something like November Project will come along again to fill the massive void that will surely ensue following today’s workout.  I’m proud that we have accomplished all of our goals and we have left nothing left strive for.  November Project was fun, but as we know, all good things must come to an end. Happy Birthday to all, and to all a goodnight!

Nah, I’m fucking with you.

This last year has been more rewarding and far more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined when I decided to take the plunge into pledgeship in early July 2015.  Brian and I get ample recognition for the work we do with the tribe, and while we love it, that doesn’t come close to the joy we get from seeing each of you every Wednesday and Friday morning.  Moreover, seeing the joy you all get from one another.  The friendships that have formed, the relationships that have been built, and the fucking infants that have been birthed.  Perhaps I was less fortunate with the communities I have been a part of in my upbringing,  but I struggle to think of another example when I’ve seen such genuine people come together to form something this strong.

Let me say, I think we all must credit November Project’s Co-Founders Brogan and Bojan for creating a system that implements ideals that help to drive community in our respective cities.  Having said that, every city has its own unique vibe.  Some stronger than others and let me tell you from what I’ve experienced, our tribe vibe is strong.

As we grow nearer to those wet, dark and cold fall and winter mornings, I challenge you to continue building community, continue loving your neighbour, and continue using your city as your playground.  Just show up, folks.  We’re just getting started.


Friday, August 26 – Seattle Center

Wednesday, August 31 – NP SEA Summer Social

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