#justshowup (YEG)

There are a lot of reasons to #justshowup!

But let’s not kid ourselves, it is definitely easier to show up between April and October. We get to wake up with the sun, sometimes the outdoors are warmer than indoors for those with the privilege of AC, you don’t need as much time to get ready since there are fewer layers to put on…you get the picture.

And yet many of us still find a way to roll out of bed long before the sun even begins to stir, with temperatures that don’t just dip below zero but plummet and earn extra resistant training points because we need to move our bodies with 50 extra layers on. Why?

Because we want to meet BG and Bojan who started this whole November Project thing (that was a pretty cool spectacle this morning at the stairs, also, way to crush this morning’s workout!!) Because we one day want to #belikebill and get a 91st birthday boom from our community. Because if we don’t show up we’ll be letting down the friend we told we’d meet there. Because we made a decision that we will find ways to celebrate the cold weather reality of Edmonton rather than hold a pity party about it each year it predictably arrives. Because we want to prove our weatherproofness and earn the coveted -30 badge. Because we love the people we’ve met and connected with from April through to October and we don’t want to miss out on hanging out with them. The reasons are abundant and we want to add one more to your list…

The NP Canada #justshowup Challenge!

Like busy elves, Nadim, Rob and I have been busy making #NPbuttons for our 11-button collection. Between the months of November and March, 11 top-secret days have been selected as button-worthy days. You must be at the workout to get the #NPButton. If you miss the day, you miss the button. How many will you collect??? Still time to collect all 11 as none have been handed out…yet.

11 buttons, 11 random days, 11 laughs.

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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