Winter Wonder(where we are)land. (Worcester)

We are at that time of year where every week, we do the slip test on the metal stairs in the stadium. When the need to do this “test” becomes regular, that means it’s time to make a choice. We joke around about safety a lot, but it is our top priority. That said, as of 12/4/2019, we are going to be relocating to our winter spot, The Common, right in front of city hall.

This is only THREE minutes away from the stadium.

Last winter was our first winter there, and it was a LOT of fun. We have a lot of space there to utilize… both sides of city hall, stairs, ramps, sidewalks, and a few other spots within a quick jog away. We also have covered space should we need it. OH, and it’s well lit, so no one needs headlamps.


Where do we park? there are tons of spaces surrounding the common as well as side streets nearby. Should there be a parking ban, you can park at the Worcester library. All parking is free since we are out there before the meters get going.

What can we expect? Fitness. Fun. Meeting new people, and maybe some light shoveling.

What time are the workouts? The same as always. 5:20 and 6:20.

Can I bring my dog? You sure can. Just be sure to keep them close to you and on a leash for safety.

Any other questions, please reach out to Peanut or Jim and we would be happy to answer.

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At November Project, we are #Weatherproof. November Project is not seasonal. We encourage you to keep showing up all winter (as long as it’s safe for you to travel and get there).

Sure, It get’s cold, but dress in layers, and KEEP MOVING. We love the social atmosphere and creating friendships, but let’s maximize our opportunities to move together. NP is people coming together with different levels of fitness training and different personal goals outside of the workout but when we are together for those 35+ minutes we all want to try to lift each other up with contagious energy by pushing ourselves and each other . Encourage those around you to keep showing up, because that’s what we do. We show up for one another.

Sure, it’s dark, it’s cold (ok it’s freezing sometimes), it’s EARLY- but the hardest part was getting out of the bed and to the workout- If you did that part, give the rest everything you have.

We are really excited to share a lot of fun workouts with you this winter, and we hope you are too!

xo Peanut & Jim

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