Hey There, Pumpkin (PVD)

Last night around 8:30, I went to a local grocery store, and bought 3 pumpkins, because I wasn’t super sure people would bring them today, and I figured “it’s probably safe to have a few extras.”

What I did not expect today was the sea of orange that embraced the stairs and hills of the State House for our post-Halloween discount sales-price pumpkin workout.

One of the coolest parts about something as simple as bringing a pumpkin is that we start to look at every day objects as an opportunity to do something extra with them. I don’t know many people who see a jack-o-lantern and think “gosh, that would be fun to use for sit-ups.”

This builds off of what Brogan and Bojan started 8 years ago when November Project began. They took parts of their city and used the urban landscapes for fitness things. And it inspired a movement across the planet that does the same damn thing. Who’d ever think that the waterfront in Toulouse, France, would be a cool place to do burpees, or the levee in New Orleans would be rad to run up and down? But that’s the paradigm shift we’re lucky enough to be a part of.

Pumpkins aren’t just for ruining the flavor of things, or for leaving on the porch to rot until winter. Today, we got to see a new use for them. Which is great, because so many pumpkins were brought today that not only do I have my three, but I somehow wound up with an extra 4 frickin’ giant pumpkins. Thanks for the extra fitness.


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