Just Keep Moving (Boston 10.3.18)

As a coleader who leads an awful lot of Newbie Group meetings, and someone who’s been around the stadium for a tour or a few…”just keep moving” is something I’ve said a few times.  You hear us yell it when we see people starting to drop at the bottom of sections and sit on the wall.  Or as the sage advice anyone new to the stadium will remember about 4 sections in, as they stare up at the next section, wondering what it is, exactly, they’ve gotten themselves into. 

Just keep moving.

It’s a reminder that momentum is easier maintained than created.  (#science) It’s a strategy for finding rhythm and pace within a stadium workout.  (you know you’re going too fast when your only two options left are to just die right there or stop moving.) And it’s a reminder that even when things get really hard (both on the stairs and in life), sometimes the most reliable way through it, is by just taking one more step.  And one more step.  And one more step.  

Just keep moving.

To stay in motion isn’t always easy, but it’s so often the most effective way to get where you want to be–to get a hell of a lot closer to that goal you see ahead of you–or simply to get to a different place than you are right now.

This morning at the stadium, we threw out the challenge to run as far as you could for 13 minutes, then to circle back to the start and try to get back to that destination again two more times, during two more 13 min periods.  It’s a hard workout to keep pushing through all the way to the end.  And even though we said “get to, or get beyond the section you reached the first time,” the outcome of “sections completed” is not the only thing that makes us stronger, faster, fitter, better.  The section count is just an external goal that helps us see our progress.  But if you kept your head in the game, if you chose to push a little more when there were 2 min left rather than slow down, if you noticed someone else working hard and felt a little motivation or gave them some encouragement, or if you simply kept moving, you did the hard work that helps to make you stronger, faster, fitter, better. 

Just keep moving. 

Every week, every workout.


  • Next workout: Friday 6:30am at Corey Hill Outlook Park, top of Summit Ave. Brookline.
  • October 11 (thursday) 6:30pm: She Moves Mountains speaking event hosted by The North Face.  Badass mountain/trail/”skyrunner” TNF athlete Hillary Allen will be speaking and so will local NP coleader Emily Saul.  Find the facebook event HERE and register (refreshments and swag will be there!)
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