We Missed You, Patrick Sheridan

We’ve got a little (tough) love from guest writer, hypeman extraordinaire, the Sultan of Shred, Mr. John Souther, to the mountain-conquering adventure captain, the one, the only, Patrick Sheridan.


All around the tribe, people know of the bearded ginger….He is notorious for long distance running, kombucha guzzling, medium slow climbing, Co-Leading MtnMonday, and going on an impressive 6-10 dates per calendar week.  

ADVENTURE from head to toe!

It’s ironic that, during our 4 hours of coffee and climbing yesterday, we were talking about commitment and relationships and how you don’t like it when other people won’t commit.  

That’s when it happened.  You made a commitment.

A Hashtag verbal.   

But this morning, we looked for you… and saw a tribe of fun loving, early rising stair crushers… but the one person that I count on in climbing and kombucha happy hours was nowhere to be seen.

Was I let down?  Of course. But sadly, this isn’t the first time…

A few weeks ago, I failed, as your accountabilibuddy, to write one of these, and then again I failed to provide proper accountability as the St. George Marathon adventure you so excitedly planned faded from your vision.  And the Tempe Ironman. And Play Golden…But no more.

James Patrick Sheridan, We missed you

The kind of bromance that people write books about.

Love, all of your friends at November Project – DEN

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