Ants, Wasps & Yellow Fever (YEG)

This morning as I ran the RG Stair circuit and did my sit-ups, push-ups, and burpees, I have the pleasure of eavesdropping on some of your conversations. The problem with popping in and out of your conversations is sometimes I don’t clearly hear what you say and I am left wondering why Ken brought Glen a cat today. In my travels today I was also privy to a movie review of Ant-man and the Wasp. If you go to that movie expect a  “polite and breezy” or maybe it as “light and breezy” experience according to Trent. I wonder what a light and breezy movie is? I also caught a quick reference to yellow fever needles as I passed a conversation on the stairs. This had me wonder what great adventure someone was about to embark on where yellow fever needles were required. And then I got to thinking about the conversations I had this morning and what others might have overheard and subsequently wondered about. I arrived at the stairs in a bit of a fluster…worried about needing a porta-potty sprint but thankfully my stomach settled down. Any part of my panicked account to Andrew could have caused some to wonder what I ate last night. I also got into a conversation about kinked necks and how I heard that brushing your teeth is a brutal posture and can be a cause of many thrown-out backs…sneezing too. Someone might have wondered how brushing your teeth is connected to back issues…its the core, always your core!

I love seeing people work hard running up and down the stairs and at the same time still connecting with one another. The conversations I have the privilege to pop in and out of are evidence of the connections that develop and deepen with every workout, whether it is your first time or 500th time. November Project – Building community through fitness…Yes!

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Friday – Walterdale Hill We are still collecting any gently used clothes and socks for our NP Giveback. Clothes go in the truck. Socks in the Socks Box.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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