Pumpkin spice and everything nice (ORL)

October in Orlando, where the Wednesday morning temp dipped into the upper 70s, and people ages 8-81 showed up to experience something special. Even our traverballer, Vance from NP LAX, commented on the crispness in the air. A strong and spicy bounce got us warmed up enough to move directly into the day’s work. The tribe got to spend a little one on one with each other as they paired up for a play on Rock Paper Scissors. Instead of an object, they threw out a number 0 to 5, added the two numbers up and then completed a predetermined exercise for that sum. Find a new friend, play again. Connections were made over the next 40 minutes through handholding in hoistees, push-up high 5s and friendly conversation while running down to the dock by the lake at sunrise. That’s what makes this and every Wednesday so special. It’s about getting up early-not only to be the best you can be, but to make that personal connection with someone else who has the same affinity for free fitness and good feels. All of that good energy was just enough to get us through a special kind of burnout- Baby Shark. I’m not sure if everyone’s abs were burning from the exercise or the laughter…either way, it worked! Oh yeah, and then there were donuts. Because, besides positive vibes, pumpkin spices are the nicest.


  • Congrats to Stephanie for being #sTeptember’s challenge winner! We are so proud of all of the new things she tried!
  • October hw ‘Jumping Jack-o-Lanterns’ (the date +50 Jumping Jacks)
  • We are joining Lighthouse of Central Florida for National Blind Sports Day this Saturday, 10/6 from 8-12 at Phelps Park in Winter Park. #justshowup for any of that time to help out and show off your fitness skills! #NPgivesback
  • The North Face’s final endurance race challenge is coming up 11/17-11/18 in California. You can register here. Code NP20 gets you 20% off!
  • Next Thursday everyone is invited to run/jog/walk 2.4 around Lake Baldwin at 6:30pm for ‘Day of the Girl’ find info Here
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