Hey. Is this thing on? It’s been a while since I got behind the wheel of one of these blog posts. We have some **really rad** things in the pipeline and I wanted all the information in one place to make it user friendly. This also makes it friendly for you to share with colleagues/neighbors/friends/ family…I think you catch my drift! So, please, do exactly that! FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY we report back to the bottom of the Baltimore Street Hill. Baltimore and Linwood! Do not go to the Patterson park Central Pavilion. I repeat, do not go to the Central Pavilion! Not only will it be extremely dark but also you will be extremely lonely!

October 17— this will be a happy hour and sign-making event for the running festival. Are you running? Cool, come make yourself and others a sign. Are you going to be away on the day of the running festival but are great at thinking up sweet punny jokes? You definitely better come make some signs. Have you just started coming to workouts and not made it out to a social event yet? This is for you too! This will also be an important event in community building and getting to know each other apart from sweaty high fives! BYO (that is Bring Your Own) everything, especially if you are an artist and have lots of extra fun things for sign making/noisemaking cheer station extravaganza. Location TBD! Stay tuned J

October 20 — The Baltimore Running Festival. This happens to be among our favorite days of the year. We will be at mile 22 near the YMCA on 33rd street. More details to come on this in the coming weeks but we want to get in on ALL of your agendas. November Project has a history of being the loudest and HYPE-est cheer station and we need everyone to help!! As someone who has suffered through the last half of the Baltimore Marathon (yay going out to fast and positive splitting the race) it was SO SO SO important for me to hit the cheer station and feel rejuvenated to finish the race with gusto!! The second half of the day we are super super jazzed to report will be a celebration after the Running Festival at Checkerspot Brewing. It’s new, it’s hip and has lots of delicious options for drinking. It is entirely BYO food so likely there will be pizza but opportunities for all to bring what you want/need!

Novermber 4 — This is a Sunday. We know many people use this as “rest” days, we are still trying to figure out what that is. In the meantime, we have planned based on “plogging” with a November Project twist that will include teams, prizes, beer and a large amount of F-U-N. This will be hosted at the Baltimore Community Toolbank which happens to be in close proximity to the Raven’s game. The timing will be approximately 10AM – 1PM but keep your eyes peeled on the social media!

That’s all for now, folks! Keep it up out there! I thank you for your attention and can’t wait to see your faces on Friday morning! 


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