Just a “Normal” Wednesday

We do weird shit.  We’ve established that time and time again, but today at the Boston NP Harvard Stadium workouts–at 5:30 and at 6:30, we had a totally, completely normal day.  We had bi-polar bears, giant teddy bears, small children in #grassrootsgear, film crews, birthdays, Positivity Awards, and lots and lots of tribe members who showed the hell up and made awesome things happen.  It was normal because we hugged, we ran stairs, we took group photos, and we all got sweaty with hard workWe also got filthy with friendship, positivity, and good vibes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  That is good, good shit.  And it’s just a normal normal day, right?

We ran the 40/40 (with barbara walters) workout.  40 sections or 40 minutes, whichever came first.  If you showed up, you should be ready to record how fast your did your 40 sections or how many sections you completed in 40 minutes.  Do that on the tracker here. We are training ourselves to be better and better each week–knowing we will be racing our faces off for PRs next week at the Last Wednesday of the Month.  If we maxed ourselves out with speed for 40sections or we crushed our volume for the 40 minutes, then next week we will be ready to set some freaking personal records.  PR day baby.  Get ready–because next Wednesday will NOT be normal.  It will be outrageous.

You might ask questions and wonder, why was there a polar bear running in the stadium today? All answers lie here.

You might want to know why there was another film crew at the workout from WGBH?  Well, NP makes #News.  And we will see ourselves in the Boston news (again) soon.  Because we are taking over the world.  News happens because more people want to…need to know about November Project.

You might want to know why there were small children scaling the seats of the stadium? Because they’re little, tiny badasses.  They are the future leaders of NP_BOS of 2035, and we love their dedication to this movement.  They like us and they inspire us to keep running.  And we love them.

And dogs? No one wonders why dogs? Because dogs.

It’s all normal because we break the mold on “normal.”  We shatter all conceptions of normal–all ideas about what we do in a community of people trying to work out.  Hugging isn’t normal in the traditional workout world, but it’s normal for us.  Bouncing and cheering and shouting “fuck yeah,” is never really normal, but it’s what we do.  Hell, running stairs at 5:30 or 6:30am isn’t actually normal, but it’s OUR NORMAL, and we’ll never need to be normal by any other standards.  We’re happy being weird, outside the box, slightly quirky, and always unique and super fun, fierce, and inspired because this movement, this fitness community, this shit is so very, very good.

bipolar bear

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