January Charity Miles AKA Let’s Beat New York’s Ass (LAX)

What’s up, #NP_LAX. Welcome to the blog. It’s come to our attention that a lot of you have never been here before… so we’re putting an IMPORTANT post chock full of INFORMATION to help you get on board with this months challenge: January Charity Miles vs. #NP_NYC.


What is it?

This month we’re in a friendly competition with NP New York City to see which tribe can track the most distance while doing the most good via the app CHARITY MILES. The app tracks runs/walks/bike rides and sponsors donate an amount of money to a charity of your choice based on the miles you pile up. $0.25/mile on your feet, $0.10/mile on the bike and a million ways to do good through the athletic activity you already do on the daily. And YES, it still tracks your miles while on Airplane mode with GPS activated… just make sure you turn your data back on before saving the run!!

How do I get on board? 

It’s simple – download the app (for iPhone and Android) and join the team BiggerThanTheBowl2016. Every single activity you track will have your miles added to this team, so you can see how many miles everyone on your team is throwing down in the name of LAX dominance! PLEASE NOTE: Only track your miles during physical activity – a run, bike ride, or walk meant as exercise. This is not a fit bit that can be run all day.

Are there prizes? 

Fuck yes there are! They’ll be announced soon, but start getting those miles under your belt to stay in contention for them!

How can I talk shit to #NP_NYC about how badly we’re thumping on them? 

Lots of ways – they have a facebook page, a twitter account, and an instagram. Their charity miles team name is NovemberProjectNYC. Get to trashing! Don’t forget to use #MilesThatMatter and/or #BattleoftheCoasts in your social media.

1. Download the Charity Miles app
2. Create an account
3. Click the runner/heart in the top left and chose “Teams”
4. Search BiggerThanTheBowl2016 and join our team

5. When you are ready to rock, turn on the app, chose your your charity, chose your activity type, and get out there!

And don’t forget – DO GOOD LA!!


So you know – pretty much all of the important information about November Project LAX workouts and events go onto this blog. So like, join us here again sometime. We’ll be waiting for you.

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