It’s Worth It (Boston 9.10.18)

I think the question I hear people ask most about Mondays is: “Is it worth it?!”

I know what they mean.  If you’re gonna get up early, don’t you want to make sure you get a good workout?  If you’re choosing fitness as your morning activity, you’re probably intentional about what kind of fitness you do.  Will it fit into your training plan for ______ race coming up, or does it help you accomplish the goals you’re aiming for? 

And even if you’re a little more flexible with what the workout is, will it be hard enough (or even fun enough) to make it worth it?  Worth your time, energy, effort, and investment? 

I have an answer (surprise, surprise…)

YES.  It’s worth it. 

It’s worth it because of a couple reasons that you might not realize if you don’t come to Mondays very consistently.  Let’s address the biggest topics first.

  1. IT’S AS HARD AS YOU MAKE IT.  If we tell you to do burpees/lunges/squats/pushups/do-si-dos with a partner/or even freaking somersaults, you can increase the difficulty of them by
    • doing them with the most perfect technique humanly possible (even better than you think you already do them),
    • and/or by doing as many perfect ones as possible within the given time,
    • and/or by doing the number designated as quickly as possible, in the most perfect way.
  2. IT SURE CAN FIT INTO YOUR TRAINING SCHEDULE AND GOALS. Of course you have to make decisions and sometimes everything doesn’t fit into the weekly training plan.  But Monday Destination Deck workouts are not only about what we do during the workout from 6:30 – 7:10am.  It’s also about getting to and from the workout–and I’ll admit I missed out on this opportunity too for a while after I first started coming to NP.  I didn’t realize how much harder the workout is when I ran a couple of miles on my way there, and how badass it felt to both finish those hard workouts and then also run my butt back home those same couple of miles.  Knowing I was building in a 4-10 mile run on Mondays started to make accomplishing my training goals much easier.  Any good training plan does have some standard runs or some flexible workouts built in and you can choose NP for one of those workouts.  Think of the run to & from the workout as your “training run” and the workout itself is bonus fitness. 

But the bottom line is that everyone can come up with lots of reasons why it might NOT be worth it.  Like it’s not hard enough, or I don’t know what I’d be doing for the workout, it’s too early, or the location changes every week.  But ask the people who show up. 

It is worth it. 

And it’s not just the fitness that’s worth it.

Of course you get good stuff both to/from the workout as well as during the workout.  But the community you find at NP really is unlike other experiences you can find in this city.  It’s great if you have friends at your gym, or enjoy the culture at fill-in-the-blank fitness facility.  And NP is showing up with certain qualities that make it special.  We ARE #weatherproof.  We do ALWAYS show up even on holidays and the days when everything else is closed. We love the outdoors, and we EXPLORE the shit out of our city–in obvious and also very surprising locations, which builds your connection to your city, no matter how long you’ve lived there. (Just like this morning, where we barely trespassed under a bridge to a totally public but not accessible area for our workout!)

Also, we really mean it when we say “I’M GLAD YOU’RE HERE” because NP doesn’t exist without the power of togetherness–accountability–and community.  And we really are for EVERYONE.  Everyone.  All the people.  We strive to be inclusive and we continue to work on making that feel accessible to everyone. 

So for everyone who’s working hard on the September #NPplus1 challenge (read more in this blog), when someone questions you about Monday–here’s the answer.  It’s worth it. 

And for everyone reading this blog who doesn’t come to Mondays, here’s a reminder for you too: it’s worth it. 

Want to know what we did today?

  • Warm up run 72 Smoots along Mass Ave.
  • Zig-Zag circuit using trees: shuffle/shuffle – run/run – lunge/lunge – frog jump/frog jump – sprint back to start – 5 pushups – REPEAT
  • Bear crawl/Crab walk tag
  • Burnout: Burpees + hill sprints with decreasing time to finish.


  • Get some NP Recruiting Papers during workouts this week, and share them with the world.  We’ll be giving them out on Wed at the stadium 5:30 & 6:30am, and also on Friday at Summit Ave. for hills at 6:30am
  • NP Summit 6.0 is this weekend.  Many of you are probably heading to Wisconsin for the big event.  Capozzi and I will be there too…which means you have BABYSITTERS for the Friday hill workout, which is also #PRhills. 
  • Keep looking for your Plus 1…the challenge is on for September 26, when we want each of you to bring one single new person to NP.  You don’t have to bring the whole world–just one person.  You can do that.  You still have two whole weeks to find one single person to join you.  Find your plus 1.  more details in this blog
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