A quick recap (YEG)

This is going to be a short, back-to-basics blog post today, mostly because it has been a crazy busy back to school week for me. Today, I’m finally home before 6 and can’t wait to hit the pool followed up by dinner at Earls for my weekly date night! 

This morning was great – as are all of our mornings. There was/were:

  • a bounce that made me dizzy
  • some newbies in the crowd who I am certain wondered what they’d gotten themselves into
  • an amazing tagging crew who turned your plain tops into beautiful grassroots gear
  • people crushing hill repeats, energizing each other, pushing/pulling one another up the hill (thanks Chris for not letting me quit on myself and walk that one hill!)
  • so many dogs!
  • no birthdays 🙁
  • a few announcements
  • a group photo  -hips and shoulders touching
  • many hugs and tons of smiles!

What a way to kick off the day!! BOOM!

#justshowup 6AM

Monday –  ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞  Check out some more about this beautiful new space that’s been created in our city. We will meet in the parking lot. 

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium – Gate 2

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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