It’s supposed to be hard.

There’s no doubt about it, the Destination Deck this morning was challenging.  For the beginner and professional athlete alike, the movements we did this morning require strength, flexibility, explosiveness, grit, and a little bit o’ crazy, especially to do them all the way across Clemente field like we did.

What I love about a workout like this morning is you get reminded that simple shit–like an lunge or a playground game like leapfrog is serious fitness-building movement.  We don’t always choose to do 65 yards of leapfrog in a row with one running buddy, but that’s why you come to NP. We’re weird enough to tell you to do that! And when it’s really hard and tests your body’s ability to do them really quickly, or with really good technique, or just to keep moving–that’s the moment when you know you’re getting better by doing everything you are able to do.  You push yourself to find and embrace the challenge so that no Monday Destination Deck is ever easy.  It’s supposed to be hard.  We can do easy at home in bed, but we get up and show up to do the crazy shit we wouldn’t do on our own.

THE WORKOUT: Four times across the field completed a circuit, which we did as many times as possible in 16 minutes.

Part 1: Leapfrog.  In partners, we took turns as one partner crouched down and the other partner leaped over their back.  We did this repeatedly until they reached the other side of the field.


Part 2: Lunges. On our own, we put hands behind our heads and did walking lunges across the field.


Part 3: Inchworm. These babies are brutal.  Starting in plank position, we took tiny steps with straight legs until our feet met our hands.  Then we walked our hands back out to plank position.  It’s like a constant pushup, downward dog, and toe-touching.  You’ll probably be feeling that one tomorrow.


Part 4: Wiggle.  Sideways shuffling whole-body wiggling happened to our right to half-way across the field, then switch to our left side for the other half of the field.

Most of us thought the workout was done, but then there were 3 minutes of all out Burpees.  The tribe crushed it.


Of course we did, because the Tribe is STRONG.

Winter weather will continue to allow us to prove we are also #weatherproof.  Prove it on Wednesday at the stadium.  I’ll be there…will you?

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