The Commitment (DCA)

BOOM. Welcome to 2015. The year we take over this city (and world), make more people smile, and as a perk, become even more fit than before.


A couple weeks ago, we challenged you to commit to three days a week for three weeks come the new year. That started last week but you can start now if you missed it. Actually, that’s the great thing about November Project. There’s no deadlines, ‘sign up before etc. etc.’, just solid verbal commitment to new and old friends alike. So start right now (no reason to wait) and commit already. #JUSTSHOWUP. Most importantly, stay true to your word. No flaking. No backing out. You are #Weatherproof. And second most importantly, hold your friends accountable. If they break a #verbal, call them out. Accountability is key. Did I say it enough? Ok, one more time: ACCOUNTABILITY. Need us to hold you accountable? Comment on the Facebook album or tweet it out. Use the hashtags #JustShowUp and #verbal with your commitment. Maybe it’s the next three weeks. Maybe the whole month of January. Maybe longer. We’re happy to help. If you’re afraid to, then it’s even more necessary.

We look forward to seeing you MWF. YOU are what keeps this community going.

HOMEWORK: Take pictures of your new/old #GrassrootsGear. Throw it up on social media. #NP_DC. Where does your #GrassrootsGear take you (#WDYGGTY?).

Signing off for now and see you WEDNESDAY


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