It’s Raining Positivity! NYC

We keep the workout straightforward and stuck to the Grotto since the rain and wind were an issue. The beautiful tribe did 30 minutes of Grotto loops broken up with 10 jumping jacks–we switched direction at 15 minutes. The loop becomes mentally taxing after a while.  You keep doing the same thing over and over.  The wind is starting to pick up.  The dirzzle is turning to a solid rain.  But today we found out who was strong.  Today the tribe was strong.  Today the tribe was #weatherproof


It was raining men, women, kids, babies, cats, dogs, and major positivity! This week Positivity Award went to Jason (last name). Jason has been coming to NP-NYC since just the second week of our pledging. Jason always brings a big smile, super energy, and superb high five technique. One time Jason even retrieved his almost stolen backpack with a smile.

Happy Birthday Burkie.

We will work on scheduling a #GrassrootsGear day shortly– stay tuned for updates. Have a great week. Fuck yeah!

P.S.– Check out our Facebook page for more information about The North Face Endurance Challenge this weekend!!

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