Headwinds on a Sweaty Hump Day

So apparently the rest of the US-of-A is getting pelted with freezing temperatures, rain (I think I remember reading about something like that, it falls from the sky?), and even snow (still not sure what that stuff is). But let’s re-cap San Diego this morning: a bitch of a headwind…and 80 degrees at 6:30am. Yeah, we have nothing to complain about.

So I’m sure the entire US-of-A will understand (because obviously EVERYONE reads my blog posts) that I’m giving you the basics today. Why? So I can’t actually start work on time, leave early, and get to the the beach to enjoy this pre-summer tease. And yes, I said start on time, and leave early – that’s how we roll is SoCal, no one actually works a full day. Would you?!

Here are the facts:
1. Epic turnout today!
2. Ya’ll told that headwind to shove it and kicked serious ass
3. I might still be high on pain fumes from tagging shirts into the wind
4. Welcome Back Ashleigh – We Missed YOU!
5. Don’t forget about High Flying Homework!
6. We love you.
7. Go enjoy today! You earned it!

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!

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