It’s going down, I’m yelling PR DAY

So tomorrow is March and that means we’ve practically finished two months in 2018.  But there’s no time like the present to change things up and hit the restart button.  How about a brand-spanking new PR Day course?  Sure, running a 5k is oh so fun but how about hills?  Well, thanks to our home base at Griffith Observatory, we are blessed with so many hills and that’s what this morning called for.

Even though this was the second month in 2018, today was technically the 1st PR day of the year.  January had brought us a Super Blue Blood Moon instead of battling the waves of tourists, we took a field trip to the Bat Caves.  Anyways, the inaugural burpee x hill PR course was certainly a success.

Sure it was in the 40’s and we were freezing (is this what you call winter?) but both groups crushed it and I can’t wait to see how next month goes.

Friday March 2nd – Pan Pacific Park (Tracker) Remember the tips about looking up the location from the tracker on your mobile phone.

Saturday March 10th – Free NUUN 5k (Update)

  • NEW meeting location @ Riverview Park Parking Lot, 1999 W 19th St, Santa Ana, CA 92706
  • Parking: There is parking on 19th as well as another lot on 21st.  Street parking is also available!

Sunday March 18th – LA Marathon! There are STILL spots for the Mile 22 Water Station: Sign up here to volunteer!  Awesome way to pump up runners during a tough part of the race!!  Stay tuned for details on a potential poster making party.

GOALS: Feel free to update your goals for the year AND your reps from this morning’s PR Day HERE.

FUN FACT: We may not have a leap day tomorrow but did you know leap days are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun? If we didn’t have this day, we would lose about 6 hours every year!  Talk about lost time.

Do Good LA.

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