For the Small, yet Mighty…

… We’ll keep it short and sweet.

This morning was FREEZING (well, 7 degrees away from it). And those of you who came out really put in a grind. Here are some things I heard about today:

November Project San Diego
“The PR is only 6 and a half? I’m gonna get 7.” – Sam Eller on Monday about PR Day (he got 7)


November Project San Diego
“I don’t remember what you were yelling at me about, but I PRed.” – Peter “Cash” Abernathy



November Project San Diego
“Get a jumping photo!” – Stefanie Sullivan and Emily Torres
November Project San Diego
… who are terribly out of sync…


November Project San Diego
“So if I go on instagram, I’ll see photos of this guy dying?” *points to friend* – One of the Navy guys (sorry, I didn’t remember your name… but he didn’t die. He crushed it.)


November Project San Diego
“Can I have my buff?” – Lindsay Wells in the middle of our announcements

The crew was small, but mighty. And the vibes were strong. If you didn’t make it this morning, you missed out. But there’s always next Monday, Wednesday, then the next… then the next… Just show up.

Be Strong. Be Bright, SD.



  • Track your repeats today on the tracker!
  • Mondays in March is PARKS! We’ll start at Children’s Park downtown next Monday. 6:29 AM. VERBAL IN THE TRACKER.
  • BUFFS! We have 12 extra. First 12 to come to me with CASH IN HAND NEXT WEDNESDAY, will get a buff. I show up to Balboa around 5:45, depending on how my bowels are feeling that morning. TMI? Get over it.


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