It’s All You (LAX)

So yeah, Summit happened. It was pretty epic. Pop up workout on the top of a ski slope. Easily one of the hardest races I’ve ever had to do. Friends and strangers hugging, meeting, laughing, enjoying this weird thing that we’ve found ourselves in the middle of. Too many beers to count. Some group of crazy people dressed head to toe in gold, crumping to the Golden Girls theme song. Like I said, epic.


There was also time for us as leaders, like Ben said, to get together and learn from each other. Whether it’s some new workouts (coming Friday, you’re gonna love these), new ways of approaching things, whatever, we’re now coming back at you teeming with excitement. Ready to try some stuff. Maybe it will be terrible stuff and it’ll never happen again, but nothing worthwhile comes without a little risk.


Now I’ll try not to be too long winded about this but I wanted to say a quick thing about this whole “athlete of the year” nonsense. I said this to all of the leaders as well – none of this happens without all of you. I showed up almost two years ago today because someone literally baited me into it (Thanks, Holly of NPSF!). I kept coming back because of the people, the ones that were there to hi five and cheer for everyone else around them no matter how they felt that day. I pursued becoming a leader because I wanted to invest myself in fostering and growing that kind of community in LA. I pushed myself to become a better runner, a stronger athlete, and a more mindful person because all of you do the same every single Wednesday and Friday. That piece of wood has absolutely nothing to do with me – it’s all you. Because without finding you crazies, I’m still some sad kid who thinks the world owed him something, laughing at the idea of running a marathon. So thank you for fostering the kind of environment where this shit is possible, and for believing in this community so fiercely. It continues to make such a difference in my life, and I definitely am not alone in that thought.


Oh yeah, and ya’ll looked fucking HOT in your prom get ups today. Can’t wait to see the final product.

Do great, LA


FRIDAY – Pan Pacific Park, 6:27 am

NP MIXER – Wed 7/27, Location + Time TBA

  • It will be in Santa Monica somewhere. Hold onto your shorts.



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