“Summit was cool. Baltimore still the best”- BAL

Summit was cool. 


But we were pretty happy to come home. 


There is a lot of really great stuff going on in the NP community across the globe. It’s an exciting time. But ultimately, we’re most fired up about what NP can do in our own city. In our home. 


We have some pretty big goals for the coming year. We want bigger workouts, more people, different faces, bigger locations. 

Camden Yards

We’re doing our best to be bold, to build partnerships, to make NP something you’re super proud

to be a part of. 1








Lots of people belong to a gym. But everyone doesn’t belong to a community. And while that word is thrown around way too often by people that don’t know the first thing about it…we’re pretty proud of ours. 


Summit also made us realize something very important. NP isn’t about co-leaders or “world takeover.” It’s really just about the people who show up each week, whether it’s your first week or 200’th. That means you have a stake. That means you can tell us a workout was rough. That means you can bring us ideas like “Pride shirts” or crazy new ideas for the bounce. That means you can say “hey, there is a dude who sleeps on my stoop some mornings and he could really use some sneakers.” 57653








Be Cool. Be Nice. 



***********************************************Logo Competition*********************************

P.S: Don’t forget about the NP_BAL logo competition for our shirts! In case you missed it, our friends at The North Face will be hooking us up with some shirts in the next few months. However, because we’re disgustingly proud of our city we want that pride to be on full display, smack dab in the middle of the shirt. Here’s your task:

-Design a black and white logo that represents NP_BAL.

-Make sure it fits on a t-shirt. Design it with tagging in mind. Or don’t…just be creative.

-Let it scream Baltimore.

Otherwise, really, just be creative. Think about what NP_BAL means to you, to the people around you. Look at the places we workout for inspiration. If it’s dope, maybe i’ll get it tattooed on my face. You never know.

Send all submittals to Novemberprojectbmore@gmail.com. You have until August 3rd to get these created and sent to us. This is a huge opportunity to have your art on the front of 200+ shirts….for free.



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