An Open Letter to the Newbies

Dear Newbies,

You are new to November Project, so we call you Newbies.  It’s a name to be proud of–one that brings respect and admiration–even applause from the rest of the tribe.  We’re glad you’re here.

Ambivalent Newbies, we see you standing alone, looking a little uncertain about what the hell you’re doing here so early in the morning.  We see you contemplating whether you should have just stayed in bed.  We see you looking at your friend/family member/significant other who dragged you to this workout with sideways looks of doubt, disdain, and confusion.  We see you scoping out all the rest of us standing here.  Wondering if you’ll have to run next to that kid who looks reallllly fast or that mom with her kid in a backpack and who, you believe, will most definitely, still beat you up the stairs despite the extra 35lbs on her back.  We see you trying to decide whether you should just dive in and do the workout or head for the door, as you keep hearing that small voice in your head saying, “I don’t do this shit!” and “It’s too fucking early for anything!”  We know you look around and believe that everyone knows everyone while you know no one.  Sweet, ambivalent Newbies, we also know something you just don’t yet: the only thing that everyone knows, is that we’ve all worried and wondered, or felt alone, or way too slow or out of shape to be here.  To be doing this badass shit with this group of athletes.  And the reality is we’re all just working hard, doing our best to get faster, fitter, and have more fun than last time.  You might be right about not being a morning person or not doing this kind of thing…before.  But hey, you showed up today.  Keep doing that and you may just turn into a morning person.  And because you showed up, you just are one of the Tribe.  You’ve got nothing to prove.  No tryout to nail, or test to ace.  If you’re here and you’re willing to hug and put your body in motion, you’ll be just fine.  We’re glad you’re here.

Eager Newbies, we see you jumping out of your skin, excited to meet all the people and hug and run and #raceeverything.  We see your bounce which is higher and more precision than everyone else.  We see you working at 110% of every exercise, as if someone important was checking your work.  We see your mind realizing that this is even better than you imagined, and you might just explode.  We see you scoping out all the rest of us standing here.  Trying to figure out who’s going to be your new BFF and who you’ll be able to talk to during the group photo.  We see you already planning how you’re going to arrange your schedule for Friday so you can come to the hills and how you might even try out the 5:30 stadium group next week too. We know that all you want is your very own Grassroots Gear and you’re about to ask everyone how you can get yours. We can see you pinching yourself because there are so many other like-minded human beings all within your grasp to just hug and cheer for while we all run.  Lovely, eager Newbies, this is your tribe.  It’s a Tribe for everyone, and it’s dope you just showed up.  We’re glad you’re here.

And to all the Newbies–eager, ambivalent, and in between, who have moments of ambivalence and moments of excitement.  We’re glad you’re here.  Embrace the people, the weirdness, the silliness, the humor, and of course the fierce, awesome fitness.  Embrace it all and know that this is YOUR tribe.  The invitation is open and all you need to do is show up.  And keep showing up.  After today, you’ll no longer be Newbies.  You’ll simply be Tribe members.  Amazing, important, likable, hard working, positivity-spreading tribe members.  You’ll get to know people, find friends like you’ve never had, and one day you might wonder what life was ever like before NP.

There is still a lot to learn, like what’s a Sebastian (let’s talk about that later), and how much does the We Missed You Page actually hurt (not too much)?  Like how do I join NP Boston Social FB group (just ask to join), and what happens when it snows (duh…#justshowup)?  How much NP is enough (maybe never enough), and how much is too much (3 days a week is not too much!)?  And is this a cult? (yes, no it’s not a cult.  Definitely probably not.) So keep coming and keep learning.  It’ll be so much fun.  Just think, this Friday and Monday, and every other MWF from now until forever, you’ll remember being brand new on your first day –and maybe you’ll choose to go introduce yourself to the newest of Newbies to hug them and tell them what they need to hear: we’re glad you’re here.

The Tribe is strong.

With love from,

All the Newbies before you.


Check out all the workouts:

Monday: 6:30am Destination Deck, at new locations around the city every week.  Exact location posted every Friday.

Wednesday: 5:30 & 6:30am Harvard Stadium stairs.

Friday: 6:30am Hills at the top of Summit Ave., Brookline, MA.

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One Reply to “An Open Letter to the Newbies”

  1. Hey! I’m one of the newbies above – had a great time!! Next week I’m aiming to do all the steps without walking at all. See you soon !

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