It’s a North America Thing (DC)

Today represented tribes meeting tribes, DC coming out of the arctic vortex, and a lot of stairs, per usual. Tribe number two in the founding of the Turbo 15, Madison had two lively members take a road trip down south to meet our Tribe. That is special,Emile SCHWABE & Amanda Ellmaker make the Tribe strong and smiling.

We welcomed back our college crew, great to see Stecco & Harper & Colleen back from Spring Breaking.

New people to say whats up to today:
Natalie & boyfriend Jeff

FRIDAY: Meridian Hill Park, 6:30 AM

SATURDAY: If you haven’t heard me say HYPE, this is HYPE. #ArcadeMotorcade , 7 PM , on the NORTH SIDE of the White House (aka not the South Lawn). 7:30 minute miles and under, ALL WHITE with this tag. All the rest, ALL BLACK with class November Project WHITE tag. Headlamps, painting, whatever you want is all fair game. Blow it up. Make it big.



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