YEG welcomes spring!

Welcome Spring! (we don’t even care if we are a day early) It was a beautiful morning in Edmonton today! Running up the 202 steps of the Royal Glenora Stairs over and over again almost felt lovely mostly because my lungs weren’t constricted and frozen. It feels so great when you can breathe!

It was also beautiful because we saw so many of our tribe members who have been hibernating over the last couple months venture from their dens…welcome back! Welcome also to some more newbies!! The tribe is strong! Now we snuggle in for our group pics so everyone can fit in the frame rather than to share body heat! (Although I think some of you still snuggle in to share body heat but that’s ok…we don’t judge, we applaud that!) Wicked morning tribies!!

Looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces Friday! Emily Murphy Hill 5:57 AM…be ready for some hugs, high fives, and lots of fun!!  Oh yeah…& a little running too!


Big day for November Project #Turbo15 – #grassrootsgear+ T-Shirts are on Sale!  #fuelthemovement If you’re wondering what’s the story with the shirt we’ve got your answer here

Also…you’ve probably met her…but have you read this? Jaden shares with us what November Project means to her.


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